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1897 Silkworm School
1897 Lin Qi, the governor of Hangzhou, founded the Silkworm School. 
Winter 1897 the school sent Ji Kan and Wang Youling to Japan for study which started the history of officially sending student to Japan for study.

1908 Zhejiang Secondary Silkworm and Mulberry School
1908 The school was temporarily moved to the Chongwen Library near Kuahong Bridge 
due to the increment of student.

1911 Zhejiang High Silkworm and Mulberry School

1912 Zhejiang Secondary Silkworm and Mulberry School
1912 The school set up the silk department. 

January 1913 Zhejiang Public A-grade Silk School

December 1913 Provincial Public A-grade Silk School of Zhejiang Province
1914 The school opened the make-up class with the study term of one year for the popularization of silkworm and mulberry education.
1915 The school attended the Panama International Exposition and won the gold prize.

1926 Zhejiang Silkworm and Mulberry Vocational School 
1926 The school founded the Promotion Department and opened seventeen improved silkworm houses for the popularization of advanced technologies of silkworm disease prevention, silk breeding and so on.
1927 Parts of the Zhejiang Public Industrial Specialized School were merged to the school. 

1928 Zhejiang Provincial Secondary Silkworm and Mulberry School
1929 The school was moved from Jinshagang to the new site at Jianqiao under the order from Zhejiang Government. 

1933 Zhejiang Provincial High Silkworm and Mulberry Vocational School 
1933 School had to give up the site for the Jianqiao Aviation School and move the class to the barracks of Aviation Department of Kuomintang at Meidenggao Bridge. 

1934 Zhejiang Provincial High Silk Vocational School 

1936 Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou Silk Vocational School 
1936 The new campus in large scale was constructed at Gudang. 
1937 The Zhejiang Provincial Women Silkworm School was merged to the school. 
October 1937 The school was moved to west, east then south of Zhejiang under the leadership of Chen Shiming and Miao Zutong after the Anti-Japan War broke out. 

1949 Zhejiang Hangzhou Silk Vocational School 

1952 Zhejiang Silk Manufacturing Technical School 

1952 Zhejiang Hangzhou Textile Industrial School 

1953 Hangzhou Industrial School 

1958 Zhejiang Textile Specialized School
1958 The school founded the education and practice base. 

1960 Hangzhou Industrial College 
1960 The Zhejiang Textile Specialized School, metallurgy, civil and geology faculties of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Electronics Specialized School, Zhejiang Machinery Specialized School jointly founded the Hangzhou Industrial College. 

1961 Zhejiang Textile Specialized School 
1961 Because of the poor financial state, the Hangzhou Industrial College was dismissed, and the former Zhejiang Textile Specialized School was resumed for 4-year undergraduate study. 

1962 Zhejiang Silk Specialized School(for 4-year undergraduate study)

1964 Zhejiang Silk Industrial College

1970 Hangzhou Industrial College
1970 The college was in the administration of Hangzhou Municipality, the silk machinery and painting and dyeing programs were resumed. 

1975 Zhejiang Silk Industrial College
1979 The college started to enroll students for master programs.
October 1997 The 100th Anniversary 

1999 Zhejiang Engineering College
End of 2000 The entire college was moved to Xiasha. 

2004 Zhejiang Sci-Tech University 
2006 The university obtained the conferral right of Doctors Degree.

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